Story of life

3년 전


One sunny Sunday morning, we nineteen made a piece of the story that will be remembered. Rice fields and rivers become our destination. Rice fields owned by pak sulaeman who is familiarly called father modin has a typical mountain scenery where a vast expanse of rice fields overshadowed by the appearance of a little peak of the mountain. Our journey there is quite tiring where we have to keep the balance on the right path kirinnya filled by rice fields. We rested for a while in saung pak modin, there we were suguhi rice liwet which feels comparable to our trip to saung pak modin. while, enjoying our liwet rice documenting this precious moment.


After enjoying the treats of nature and food in saung pack our modin to the gardens. There we were guided by a modin pack how to hoe and care for a cashew plantation. then after from there we headed to the river to be in the snapping in the next posting.

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