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To get the maximum work, someone willing to work hard and keep going. They are willing to spend the day and night in order to complete the work. Even until someone forgot the time when they last ate or bathed because too busy slam bones. Yet for the job to get maximum results, not merely have to work hard like that.

Well for those who want your work remains maximal, you can make it happen even though not only hard work. Sometimes, most people forget that maximum results are not just seen from the work aja, but from also from some aspects beyond it. If you can apply this, without any hard work the results of your work can still be maximized.

Someone who works sometimes forgets to define their original vision. So what they do sometimes exceeds what they should but has little impact on their performance. This is because what does not work the way it should be. Therefore, whatever you do, you must understand and understand what goals you want to achieve. So you can spell it out into the missions you have to work on. If you already know what your vision works, and already understand any mission to achieve it. So without the need to work excessively, you can still get maximum results.

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True mate.