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I admired remotely, only one who can always accompanied my days the shadow of your face always diahiasi sweet smile on your lips that. just as admirer secret because of the tongue is often a sudden stiff if longer want to greet. if every second miss it appreciated, whether how much money I can be due to miss you. I may hasanyalah admirer of the secret of it, the only admire without appreciated, look no seen, waiting for the false. finally my heart is used to be a fan secret, used to see only from a distance, used bergetaran when near you, used ignored when want to talk to you, and used sick hold admiration so long to you. I just admirer secret, the cowardly non dared to show teak me, it is worth if someday hurt hit the time to see you tandem with the other. since the first to see my heart is growing seed kegaguman so powerful, somehow every see smile my heart beats toned, my tongue feels stiff when want to greet and helpless could not senagaja looked at the ball your eyes.

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