Examples of Personal Letters for Friends Who Are Outside the City

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In today's technological era, there are emails, chat apps, and text messaging, but for some people love correspondence or correspondence activities. For you who still likes to correspond, of course know what is a personal letter. Namely a letter addressed to someone with an informal letter language or everyday language.

It's good to be able to write to each other with your pen pal. Especially if you and your friends apart by a very long distance, sending each letter will bring its own longing. Well, for you who need a reference in preparing a personal letter, you have right reading this article, because in this article we will present a sample of personal letters.

Understanding and Characteristics of Personal Letters


Personal letters are letters made for personal gain. The type of personal letter is written personally and intended for other people, be it friends far away, acquaintances, travel companions, friends, lovers, relatives, family and others.

In writing personal letters, the author does not have rules that are too binding like an official letter. The language used in personal letters is nonformal, not standard, and may be written according to the taste of each author. But of course, in using the language must remain polite and ethical, and tailored to the background of the recipient of the letter.

The special features of personal letters that distinguish from official letters include: personal letters do not use letterhead / letterhead, the author does not need to include a letter number. In addition, the opening greetings and the closing greetings in private letters are also varied and more relaxed. The use of free and non-standard language according to the taste of each author, with a free letter format.

To create a personal letter is very easy to do, because it has no binding rules. In private letters there are sections such as the address of the recipient of the letter, place and date of writing of the letter, opening greetings, opening paragraphs, content paragraphs, and closing paragraphs, and closing greetings.


Personal letters to friends and friends are certainly more flexible and free from the rules of letter writing. You just write down what you want to say to your friends in everyday language according to your background and your friends. Here is an example of a short personal letter that could be your reference.

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