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pyishu naehcain aahkyayhkan pawmhar neeparr hpamsee naypartaal . Buea aatwat htaunghtellmhar aanaeengaal htaatpomo 1500 luu thoet a bhhoet ko solo paymaae aahkitemhar 5000 kyaw aakyainsarr k, Ambazonian ronekaan saathcaut aamyarraapyarr rashihtarr hkaesai . suuthoet k luumasaan aahkyayaanaymyarr nhaint rainsinenayr naykyasai .

suuthoet tararrronetwin kyaoehcarrhkae parsalarr?

yahkuaahkyanetwin Buea aasopar Ambazonian aakyautaataee nhaint saathcautsaw suuthoetko m kyaoehcarr parbhuu . maatl hkainmhar tahkyahoet hcamsautmhutway a r pyako yuu. , darpaymaae satainnaahkyetaalaattway aarrlone hcamsautmhutway ko rautt ant saintkyaungg Yaounde htanmha lar. htainsharrtae ninenganrayyaakyainsarr aelldemhar lhaay tya tyaww muu lim mai .
aasoparaaintarbyauu Adrian Kriesch aarr hpyint koutyuu hkaesai .

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