Minion banana

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aasopar gon aamayrikaanpyihtaunghcu, kanaydar, gyapaan nhaint sya hc tyay lya aaparaawain kambhartawham aamyarraapyarr ninenganmyarrshoet ko kainn, hcatekyawsayy nhaint bhein mhaawinhko mha a pyay samarr nghaarr eat .

aasopar aotehcu sailaee hcwuthcwal suuthoeteat lhuutsharrmhumyarr hpyawwat raan suuthoeteat muuyaitsayy mhaawinhko htanmha laathkanrashi ngwayko laundered .

gyaarmaan hconehcamhcaitsayy mhu hconehcamhcaitsayyraan kuunye nay suuko " myawwatmyarrhcwar upadayhcoemoerayy aaygyinhce myarreat htiroutmhu nhaint lyinmyanhcwar naalhcauthpyatkyaw puupaunggsaungrwatmhu" hkyaeekyauu litesai .
gyapaan, sya hc tyay lya hpaatdaraal rell, aamayrikaan muuyaitsayy hcatain aarnar taiaotehkyaoterayy ( kyaanhpwan) twin rell nhaint aakouthkwanaararshimyarr, tawwain kanaydar relltauthpwal tautsainhtarr hkyinn nhaint daat hk ya relltauthpwal laee parwain paatsaat hkaekyapartaal .

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