myin bridge luu

2년 전
in esteem

suu k nout kyaww hpainlaan ninengan tait rote sainn san htaran a nay hpyint suueat lam aapaw bhaal l gyae yam mha hkareehtwat aahpyit urawp hpamwaram aapaw maatl gyaarmane .

Puigdemont hcapein saat mhumyarr lyawwhkya saeet taunggsohkyet aapaw gyaarmaan tararrrone sonehpyathkyet sinengan hteinsaimhtarr rar mha hpya ant hkyai hkanr pyeenout gyaar m neann kyin shwae hphoet aahkamae hpyittaal, darpaymae suu k tinepyi hcw ant hkwar nine maimahotepar .

sammatakohcarrlhaallaungg Self- hkyamhaat pyiparout shoetmahote hteinsaimhtarr hpyithcay kyawwng dejainbharl Catalonia aatwat noutsone rwaykoutpwal kataeek aahcoer hpwalhcaeeraan layy kyaoehcarrmhu m aaungmyinhkae kya pye . hcapein rae aahkyayhkanupaday tararrrone tait sammatalaungg phoetit taat yuu nineraan aatwat mell myarraatwat lwhaattawtwin laatshi hpyitramai kyaungg jaannawarrelaaatwin aotehkyaote hkaesai .
Puigdemont yainneat lar m ae hkaunggsaung hpyit bhhoet lam hkainn raan kyaoepammhuaatwat - shoetsaw, kar tar l parlemaan tait u sammatalaungg rwaykout tainmyahaout hkanr hphoet parlemaanmhar pahchcuppaan hpyit m hpyaww pw tonepyanmhu aatwat upaday .

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