Pa yit myaw zin

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dar kyount yahkuaahkyaneaahti hcyaayykwat rae tu ant pyan patehtarr pyee hpyitparsai . aasoparaetale 10 nhait nhaawinkyaoeaahtwatnhuann 2,29 rarhkinenhuann pyeehkae saeet lak 1,74 rarhkinenhuann k nay shin pyan htamyawwat, darpaymaae wayy k yuuro kyawaymye aakyautaataee eata myangmhar 2011 hkunhaittwinroutshihkaesai 7 rarhkinenhuann sar mhu nhuann ko aouttwin kyaanshinay sell hpyitpartaal .

nhaawinkyaoe aahtwatnhuann aatwat aadhik suu rayshi ngwaykyay hcehcain hphoet ronekaan nay aetaleninengan hcw ant hkwar ninebhuu . darhar laatshi ၎inneat laatshi kyawaymye waansaungmhupayy raan ann kyin€ 60 bhelyaan aahti taitnhait hkyaay .
tarwaanmae muuwardamyarr, shoetmahote aotehkyaoterayy bharautselll seshoet u tai hkyaaimhkyawwatmhumyarr aapaw mhataitsaint aoutpar kyaungg a riut lakhkanar ko u tai m so pyaunggshwae, hpwalshi taithkumha htotepyansaw tonepyanmhu ko ninengantakar rainnnhaeemyahuutnhaansuumyarr htanmha twaemyin lain maal .

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