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aeraan ninenganeat karkwalrayy maharbyauuhar taithkumhar pyainaasopar IRGC eat Quds tauthpwal aahtuu hcaitsainrayy k usaung " shaesaat karkwalrayy," hpyitpartaal . aasopar maharbyauuhar, aarrnaeehkya bog, kwar yainneat saw myayse lwhar htellk nay aeraan ninenganeat raansuumyarr ko h ant tarr shoetmahote hcait tite hkyinn nghaar sya jar aahpyit luusimyarr daysasinerar maharmatemyarrnhaint proxy myarreat aasonepyumhuko " hkuhkan eat wain roe," parwainsai .

htoshoetsaw aotehcumyarrko " aahchc lar m ninengantaw" titehkitenay aeraat mharshitae narmaikyaw mobhine yuunait myarr parwainsai; aeraan ninenganeat maharmate seereeyarr kohcarr titehkitenay ninenganhkyarr she aar pyishuhcait; laatbhanwan she aar aahpwal taithpwal Hezbollah; yemainmharshitae Houthi suuponemyarr; nhaint parlaathcatine aahchc lar m gyae haat . aeraan kolaee garjar kam myaung days mharshitae parlaathcatine aotehcu sai harrmaat hc aapaw sya jar lwhammoemhu aarrhtote aamyarraapyarr daysatwin ninenganmyarr htellk taithku hpyitparsai .
ninenganrayyaar nhaint hcaitrayyaar aeraan nhaintaatuu aligned paymaae aellde au pya hcu kwalpyarr hphoet suuthoet laipaat shirar mimithoet kopine aaygyinhce nhaint daysahkan ninenganrayy a aakyoehceepwarr bhwal myarr

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