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Yakoub rae kyaal pya ant aayuuhkan wain myarreat aahcateaapine bhas w-based aaangyaeao nhaint aatuu suumeat aasineaawineaalote Al-Firdaws Society eat ralad hpyitparsai . 2003 hkunhaittwinlhuutsharrsuu Fatima al-Bahadly hpyang ၎inneat taihtaungkataeek Al-Firdaws yainneat hcemankeinmyarr nhaint aatuu luungaalmyarr nhaint aamyoesamee lote pine hkwin payyhphoet lotesaungnay lyetshisai .

" laatshiaahcoer bharsarrayy htonetam hcain lar myarr nhaint aakouthkwan ၎inneat aanaat nhaint aatuu aanaat sonesaw twinmha lhuaahpwalaahcaee yuu naypartaal" huaaall Bahadly DW k pyawwkyarrhkaesai . " suuthoet luungaalmyarr k i paalhkya si kya pyee saattamtoe hkyintaal bharlhoetlellsotot suuthoet k luungaaltwayko mai saeet aahkaannkand shisai hphoet m lohkyin kya bhuu, dar kyount luungaal yahkuaahkar sait ko kohcarrlhaallaunggmyarr k t saint suuthoetrae hcakarrsan ko sakyashayya hphoet myahaaw laint naykyatarpar . "

aeraat rae luungaal lote pine hkwinpayyhkyinn

yainneat aahcateaapineaatwat Al-Firdaws kyaunggmyarr nhaint lhuaahpwalaahcaee aatwat aainmhar sonehpyathkyethkya shoet popyee luungaal aasan routhcay hphoet aalote lotekine lyetshisai . al-Bahadly aahcoerako luungaalmyarr myarraatwat aaloteaakine a hkwin a payy aahpyit muuyaitsayywarr aalwalsonemhu myarr kyeehtwarrlar pyaဿnar ko karkwal tarrsee hphoet aalotelote ramaal hupyawwsai . " i kihchc myarrtwin, aebaan luungaal eat hcakarrsan hpyitlar naypartaal" hu suu m imagekapyawwsai .

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