Fence in my hometown

9개월 전

Just found out, why people in my village are unwilling to grow crops and choose to leave the land empty without planting anything.
Apparently the cost of making a fence is expensive for mercy! Without a fence, the plant will only be free food for livestock, which also belongs to the villagers, who are released freely.

The fence I mean here is certainly not a fancy fence like those fancy houses. But this is a garden fence, which is usually only made with bamboo halves or, now that it is sophisticated, uses wire mesh.

At first I did not know the price of making a garden fence, until my wife requested that our garden next to the shop where we lived, be fenced off.
Let it be used to plant vegetables or anything that can be plugged into a pan as a dancer to eat rice. Let the slogan four healthy five perfect be more pleasant to hear.

I, who was relaxed in front of the tivi, immediately agreed. Totally agree. Considering settling in the village seemed to be a loss too if there was not a little farming.
Even though the land is fertile. Just look at the green grass even though it is suffering from a long dry season.

Arkian, two days after the conversation was over, my wife turned out to have got the fence. They immediately surveyed the location.
In the afternoon, my wife met me in a room reading a book, her shoulders were limp, lacking enthusiasm, kept reporting to me, .
Bi, the cost of making a fence is five hundred thousand rupiahs. Expensive, huh?"

I, who was focused on reading books, now looked at my wife, said, "It's okay.
Just made it"

I'm actually, yes, a bit surprised too. But trying to remain calm and put on authority.
Because the fence is only 15 times 15 meters. Not broad. But, later I finally found out, indeed making garden fences was expensive at a cost.

"That price includes the price of the boat, Bi. The turtle they are looking for.
We just need to buy the wire mesh. Bamboo is for motherhood," the wife assured me that there was still a gap to save money.

I just say yes. Hatta about two days later, Turus had begun to be plugged in around our small garden, from the branches of trees that were expected to live. Let the fence be durable.
Now it's my turn to have to buy wire nets.

One roll is 15 meters long. The price is 130 thousand rupiah. First I bought two rolls.
I think it's enough. Apparently not. I have to buy two more rolls. For wire mesh, spend 520 thousand rupiah. Plus a rope tied to a sekilogram fence, 25 thousand rupiah.
The total cost of making a fence of 15 times 15 meters, 1 million 45 thousand rupiah.

I am actually not so sad to spend one million rupiah just to fence off a small plot of land.
I am sincere, because the money I spent was one hundred percent going into the pockets of people around me who really needed it.

It doesn't matter if even the cost is a little more expensive, but the work must be village people.
But, what I finally regretted was, I became aware of why many of the vacant lots in my village were left to be abandoned by their owners without being planted with anything.

The problem is that only one, the fence.

And, the fence is an expensive item. Spending millions of dollars in an instant, they must retire first as poor people.
So thinking, what if the government helps fund the villagers to make a fence.
Or, maybe, make a village regulation so that the animals are not released freely?

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