fruit cucumber aceh middle

3년 전

This aceh cucumber became one of the fruits that must be found in the fasting month of Aceh aceh cucumber that I am posting this is different from ordinary aceh cucumber. This aceh cucumber is sweet and full of fiber can be used as a mixture of ice. The aroma of aceh cucumber is strong and the taste is very fresh very suitable for breaking the meal during the month of fasting. Though actually aceh cucumber can be found at any time because this fruit is not including seasonal fruit. But it has become characteristic in aceh gayo, if aceh cucumber found in the season of fasting month alone.


Cucumber of middle aceh this is a pumpkin plant so it has a seed shape like melon seeds. The meat fiber is solid and soft as cantaloupe. This plant grows on the ground, stems and leaves have a strong green color. A fairly large yellow colored flower that becomes a fruit candidate.


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