The uniqueness of the fruits

3년 전

Salak fruit is famous unique compared to other fruit, because !!!
Here are some of the uniqueness of the bark:


  • Scaly bark fruit.
    Salak fruit skin triangular shape neatly arranged so as to resemble the scales. The scales are even more like snake scales so the English of the fruits is Snake Fruit.

  • The amount of fruit meat is always 3 except salak bali.
    Somehow and how the origin. Salak fruit is divided into 3 pieces. And there is also another uniqueness. Namely if a large 1 fruit, then a small 2 pieces. And if the big 2 pieces, then the small one fruit. Never found a fruit that contains 4 pieces of fruit.


  • It feels that much between sweet, sepet, and masir.
    Salak fruit flavor is unique because it is a fusion of flavors. Sweet taste is obtained on ripe fruit or ripe tree. The level of sweetness in some types of fruits varies. Like the famous Pondoh bark fruit sweetness throughout the archipelago that by Jogja be used as an icon in the province. different again with the famous Balinese salak has a higher taste sepet than other types of barking. Salak suwaru is more inclined to salak pondoh for its sweetness level. Some even claim that barking suwaru is sweeter than salak pondoh, but barking suwaru still less nge-trends rather than salak pondoh.
    Taste masir obtained when we consume fruits, it will get water on the fruit and tenderness fruits. Taste masir in each type of bark also vary, such as barking suwaru more masir than salak pondoh.


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