How to write a winning Resume

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Hello Steemians !!
Last week i was busy in my exams so i was unable to write steemit article.Today i thought to write a winning resume .Hope you will love it
The purpose of the resume is not to "sell" yourself but rather to seek an opportunity to an interview.You will have the opportunity to sell yourself during the interview.
Your resume should generate enough interest to catch the potential employer's attention based on your academic background and skills,which should match their specific job requirements.
Try to put yourself in the interviewer's shoes where the resume should prompt specific job-related questions and serve as a guide during the interview process.
Your resume should be concise and clearly written.It should present your job objective,career history(if any) and qualifications supported by relevant job experience,personal accomplishment,education and other important supportive information displaying your competencies and potential abilities.

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