TRAKX.IO Bounty Compaign

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Hello friends !!
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the bounties of life.Today i am gonna share about TRAKX.IO project or Bounty program.But before getting started let me introduce this great project with you guys.
Introduction to is a unique project based on crypto trackers. Users can trade on Trakx platform the digital tokens.Trakx is offering its own token, namely Trakx > tokens (TKX).The launch of oTKX will be on 1st Jan 2019 until 31st Jan 2019. For more detail you guys can check their official website here

Road map:
TRAKX.IO has a unique and clear road map with the most experienced team who have provided the world with crypto solutions that will reduce the fees on large crypto assets.Trakx Token (TKX) is created on the basis of the Ethereum Block (ERC20) Token.

Initial team is assembled and Lionel Rebibo formulated the concept
Whitepaper publication,website launched and recuirement of techs
Crypto-trackers develpoed,Partnerships with Tech experts and Financial experts advisors recruitment
Marketing events & roadshow,Private sale closing,Smart contract development and audit, ICO Dashboard development,Coding of long, short and basket crypto-trackers
Public Crowdsale launching,TKX ERC20 Token Released, TKX Exchange MVP (including wallet, UI, voting system for token holders) launched, Listing of TKX on exchanges,Audit of all CTI smart contracts,Coding of pricing & risk engines
Launching of a highly scalable exchange with matching engine ,CTIs data feed ingestion & processing functions,KYC/AML exchange on-boarding features,listing of Long Basket Crypto Trackers,positively levered Crypto Trackers and Inverse,trackers on Trakx exchange,Self-reporting & Audit implementation

Key advantages of :

  • Instant diversification
  • High security
  • Low cost
  • Passive management
  • Single access point
  • Trading flexibility
  • Transparency

Bounty Compaign:
Recently has launched its bounty compaign to earn free tokens.You guys can signup trakx.iohere to grab free tokens.


This token allows us to earn free entries by doing simple tasks.For earning entrieswe simple needs to

  • Join their telegram
  • Follow them on twitter
  • Follow them on facebook
  • Follow them on linkedin
  • Share your personal refferal link

Upon sign up every user will be provided with his/her unique refferal link that needs to share with more and more people.For every signup on your link you guys will be rewarded with entries.

Rewards and Prizes:

Users will be rewarded with prizes based on their position in a contest


The last day to enter is January 31, 2019 08:15 PM BST .So be quick to grab your free tokens in this contest and win prizes.

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