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Hello lovers,,
Its your girl @mzajoke here...
Its a cold Sunday here, I didn't go to church because I really feel weak to even leave my bed.. So I decided to check my WhatsApp and its statuses (what has been keeping me busy)... So I bumped into this image and I decided to write on it


Why should beauty be in the hands of the makeup artist not the eyes of the beholder??

This post is especially for ladies,, why can't we just go natural always, I'm not saying you shouldn't use make up but it shouldn't be every time.

If you notice, not all makeup artist uses makeup except on special occasions,, even if they like makeup before training they will reduce it after the training, they know that your natural look is your beauty and makeup is only used to enhance beauty not define your beauty...

If makeup master your look, it will make you look horrible if you don't use it, aside from that it is very harmful to your skin,, especially when you use cheap makeup products that's when some people start having skin rashes like eczema and all... Some people even sleep with makeup on their face, its very bad please try to change that... Let your skin breathe, leave the beautiful skin to rest.. Use moisturizer (Topic for another day)
Let people know you're beautiful without makeup, men even appreciates natural ladies than the makeup slay momos.. Appreciate what God gave to.

Look natural, beYouTiful
Don't let makeup define your beauty
Use it to enhance it only
I support the Natural Gang

Here's my natural picture

A picture with makeup

Wish you a happy Sunday
Thanks for reading
I remain @mzajoke

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