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Are you going through some kind of difficulty?
Did your friends desert you?
Did your family leave you?
Did you just loose someone special?
Did your partner break up with you?
Are you broke?
Did someone betray your trust?
Are you in the hospital?
No matter the kind of hardship you're going through,,, all you need to do is trust ​GOD​..

God is the definition of unquestionable, he does things we can't question. But do you know that he does things.
for some reasons, he wouldn't make rain fall without having reasons for it, he wouldn't let you go through a tough time without having a specific reason for it.. The same God that has kept you since you were in your mother's womb he won't forsake you or let you go through hardship alone.

God is undefineable, he is unpredictable...

I watched a Yoruba movie years ago titled "Ori", the movie was about a that went mad for years just because God kept him from some evil, tho he felt ashamed he was mad but God kept him because he doesn't want evil to betray him because he still has good things he's yet to do I life.
We should always trust God, no matter what we're going through, God is the master planner of our life, he who has kept us right from our mother's womb till this moment will not forsake us, he won't bring us this far just to leave us. God is always faithful to those that doesn't even call upon him not to talk of those that believe in him..


Tho sometimes those things he make us go through will seem like he doesn't love us, just like our earthly parents that will be strict with us but later we realize its for our own good. God might make you go through hardship now, you might experience break ups, families might desert you. But he has prepared a better future for you. He would have left you since if he doesn't wanna help you in the first place.
God is not wicked, he is the best friend everyone needs to talk to always because he'll never consider people's Sin, he'll always listen to whatever anyone has to tell him. He cherish non sinners and even love sinners too..

Keep praying
Keep believing
Keep trusting
Keep your hope alive and God will reward you..

Thanks for reading
God bless you
I remain @mzajoke

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"God bless you
I remain @mzajoke"

I was truly blessed.

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Very good really to trust in God. He doesnt disappoint but mere man does