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Hi lovers, its a cold Wednesday evening here in Abeokuta (I am yet to leave for school)

Welcome to another episode of #womancrushwednesday fun with @gee1

Today my #womancrushwednesday is dedicated to all the beautiful women I have met here on Steemit..

The first lady I knew on Steemit was not @adejoke16 but she was the first lady that gave me audience and gave me reasons to wanna relate with ladies here, I know how we ladies act now, so I maintained my lane after someone blocked me on telegram just because I chatted her up often to check up on her, I added @adejoke16 contact from the same group, commented on her blog. Even requested for upvote which was wrong, she didn't only upvote my post but she dropped beautiful comments..


Dear @adejoke16, you're the definition of a good woman, I will crush on you on and on sweets.. May God bless everything you do and make you happy always. I love you so much.

My second #womancrushwednesday goes to @gee1 official lol.. What do I need to write about her that y'all don't know before? @gee1 is a lady with a large heart, she doesn't discriminate, she's got listening ears, she's independent. she's the definition of a good woman and I appreciate her so much..


Dear @gee1, thanks for being you, thanks for giving Lotta people reasons to write because some of us that doesn't miss the #mancrushmonday #womancrushwednesday and #throwbacthursday fun doesn't have the gifts of poetry and we always wanna write.. You brought out a me outta me, dunno I can even express myself this much. Maybe heaven open doors of blessings and mercy for you. I love you hunnie

The third lady @midesignature, what can I even write about this beautiful and interesting woman? My very own partner in success and gists. lol. @midesignature is the woman I run to whenever I'm in trouble and she's always ready to help and listen to whatever I got to say no matter the time of the day, she is a very strong lady that made me believe in myself, she is my source of strength and my very own Sister from another mother.


Dear @midesignature darling, you already know I love you, don't stop being the kind hearted lady I met, don't stop being strong. May God always give you reasons to be happy and strong. may you encounter no difficulty in your life. I'll forever love you baby..

Shout out to my very own @julietisrael, at first I didn't like her, why? She was always fronting any conversation on @steembees WhatsApp group.. I be like this girl wahala too much. but one day, I saw how she was begging everyone to help a member win a contest, the member appreciated everyone later and with the way they chatted I knew they haven't met before, so I fell into her web of love. @julietisrael is a very humble lady, she is too friendly and she's got talents too..


Dear @julietisrael, I appreciate everything about you darling. you're not just beautiful, you're accommodating and friendly too, thanks for being there and for always listening to what I've got to say. May God bless you and make you happy always, may heaven open just for your sake. you'll have no course to regret coming to life. I love you loads hunnie Bunnie

That's gonna be all for today, you can join the fun with @gee1 too..

Thanks for reading
I remain my humble self

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Ah! You packed all the pretty ladies in one post.


Lol...They are still other amazing ladies here to crush on.


You are rare sweetie.


You are also rare.......

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another woman crush wednesday, and i was not lucky to find somebody to crush on.. this life sha


So I'm not a worthy crush abi 😂


Those who a good to use deserves to be honoured.


Hey darling, I apologize for just commenting.
Thank you so much, I love and adore you too, God bless you real good. I thank God for the opportunity.

What can I say?

You're just amazing
So we can have more than one crush in a day? 🤔

Thanks for counting me worthy of being a crush...