the dangers of consuming bananas while the stomach really

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Morning breakfast is something we should not pass.

Many people who want to live healthy choose to consume fruits for their breakfast.

One of them is a banana.

But then comes the question, is it safe to consume bananas when the stomach is empty?

Although banana is one of the best nutritious foods, its potassium and magnesium contents can cause an imbalance of mineral content in the body if eaten on an empty stomach.

We should avoid eating bananas in an empty stomach.

This fruit does improve heart health, control blood pressure, reduce fatigue, constipation, ulcers, and many more besides also stimulate the production of hemoglobin and cure anemia.

But all these nutritional benefits will be given to the body only if the bananas are consumed at the right time.

In addition to creating imbalances in magnesium and potassium levels, the acidic nature of bananas worsens and causes intestinal problems if consumed on an empty stomach.

We recommend that if you really want to consume bananas if the stomach is empty, mix bananas with other food so our gut is safer ya all steemians friends.

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