manfaat senam kegal..

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imageKegel gymnastics is one of gymnastics that has not been widely known by the general public in this era now. But for some women, this gymnastics began to become a favorite, especially for the many benefits.

Want to know, what are the benefits of this gymnastics?

  • Get Miss V

Kegel Gymnastics is very useful to help tighten the miss V, the movement that is done when doing kegel exercises, muscle training miss V more elastic and flexible back. Wow, if my friend is diligent kegel gymnastics, certain herbs so do not sell well, he he.

  • Overcoming difficulty urinating

In certain situations, women sometimes have difficulty urinating, this is indicated by the sensation of persistent urination, but when to the toilet was only a little urine out.

If my friend regularly perform Kegel exercises, can be guaranteed the problem gradually improved or can be avoided.

  • Helps to smoothen the delivery process

One of the benefits of doing Kegel exercises regularly is the formation of strong and elastic pelvic muscles. as well as opening the birth canal and prevent the occurrence of an episiotomy or scissors Miss V to facilitate childbirth.

Now with the many benefits of doing kegel exercises, let's not hesitate to try, especially the women yes!

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and garlic in a bowl oatmeal helps, too