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I often see butterflies so close to flowers why not with other objects, do you also think so? Of course.

Surely between butterflies and every flower has a very important relationship in their lives, so we often see them always together in this life order.

It turns out that after being scrutinized by experts it turns out that between butterflies and flowers have a close relationship in the form of a symbiosis relationship.

Symbiotic explanation

The experts describe the relationship between butterflies and flowers, the so-called symbiotic relationship of mutualism. the relationship is a mutually beneficial situation between the two parties, in which both parties do not feel that there is a loss to one another.
They contribute to one another and are easy.
It is as if they know that they cannot live without one of the parties and if not complement each other.

So butterflies and flowers are one example of the symbiosis of mutualism that occurs around them.
This behavior occurs or is referred to as the interaction between butterflies and flowers. When the butterflies are in each flower, of course he really likes to eat sweet cider or nectar in the flower, while the flower itself gets pollinated from butterflies, so with pollination, the flower itself will bloom and grow naturally.

Various types of symbiosis

As mentioned above that symbiosis itself is a relationship between two objects of different types such as butterflies and flowers, but not all symbiosis is beneficial, but there is also a disadvantage of one party, while the other feels disadvantaged.
So the experts share this term in several sections as you can see in the table below.

Source7th grade Biology book

This symbiotic division is classified based on physical attachment to each object. Then the organism has the unity of the body called conjunctive symbiosis,

and symbiosis in which they are united is called disjunctive symbiosis When one organism lives in another organism such as mistletoe, it is called ectosymbiosis, when one partner lives in the tissue of another organism, such as Symbiodinium in corals are called endosymbiosis.

The close relationship between different objects that is sometimes beneficial and not is one of the inseparable relationships, because it will still happen to every animal in the world, like an unbroken chain forever.

Butterflies and flowers are one example that often happens in this world. The other explanations about symbiosis recorded in the above table will be mentioned in the next post. Thanks.

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Source of knowledge7th grade Biology book
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