utopian-io: [suggestion] to add search functionality in eSteem Surfer





I would like to suggest a new addition to the eSteem Surfer. This feature should add in 'post display view' or in 'reading view'.

Proposal Description

Sometimes we need to search our steemit name or other user steemit name in steemit posts especially in contest post. For example in blocktrades world, there are thousand of contestants in the post. It will take a lot of time if we search our name manually. I think search feature is missing in eSteem Surfer in 'post display view' or in 'reading view'.

Mockups / Examples

There are two view to read posts in eSteem Surfer.
Post display view is like the following image:
post display view.PNG

Reading view is like the following image:
reading view.PNG

I would like to add search function in both view. A search box will appear whenever you press Ctrl+F in the Chrome browser. It is like the following image.
search box 2.PNG

Search box is pointing with an arrow. In eSteem Surfer I would like to appear a search box whenever I press Ctrl+F.


It will save a lot of time if we need to search someone' name or some keywords. It will also help counting some specific words in the paragraph. It should be added because every browser has this feature so eSteem Surfer should has feature like this.

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Correct your tag, You did not spell utopian properly

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Hello @ptcmyanmar, Thank you for contributing through Utopian.

A similar idea was submitted here, Always check to know if a similar idea to yours has been submitted before; using the issue tracker.

Need help? Write a ticket on https://support.utopian.io/.
Chat with us on Discord.


Ok thanks for your advice. I will check for next coming suggestions.


Ok thanks for your
Advice. I will check for next
Coming suggestions.

                 - ptcmyanmar

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