Bende Gong-shaped small commonly used as a confirmation or marker before.

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Bulo drums are played on certain occasions such as weddings or traditional events, other than that the Gum Bulo player comes from the men, but unfortunately very rarely can we encounter young players, perhaps their lack of interest in learning to be the cause of it.

Bulo drums have different sizes, one side has a wider size on the part being hit. To play a traditional musical instrument that is hit like this, you must set the location first. If you are not left-handed, the bigger side is placed on the right, to hit it you can use the battering stick, and the other drum beaten with your palm.

Drum position should be considered, if not you of course players will be difficult to set the tempo and use the technique hit it. Drum players usually wear traditional clothes while playing Gendang. When played Gendang can be paired with traditional musical instrument of South Sulawesi..


Bende Gong-shaped small commonly used as a confirmation or marker before the existence of information to be conveyed, for example as a marker to the citizens to gather in the village hall to hear information from local authorities or as a marker of a party of the people.

Currently Bende musical instrument we can almost meet in our daily life, if you see a mask of monkeys Bende is often used as a musical accompaniment. Bende is played by being beaten on the part of a round bulge, to beat Bende is also not arbitrary, there is a special tool used so as not to damage Bende itself.

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