Nella Kharisma (23) started her career in 2015

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Via Vallen
The singer from Surabaya, East Java, started his career since the age of 15 years. The 26-year-old Via Vallen started singing from stage to stage in his home region. However, his name began to be known to the people of Indonesia, after releasing a song titled darling. Evidently, since its release 9 months ago, the music video of the song has been watched by more than 112 million Youtube users. Even thanks to the song darling, Via Vallen received many awards in the field of music, including SCTV Music Awards 2017, SCTV Awards 2017, Indonesia Dangdut Awards 2017 and Anugerah Dangdut Indonesia 2017.


Nella Kharisma
Nella Kharisma (23) started her career in 2015 by singing from stage to stage in East Java. Thanks to the song 'Jaran Goyang', the name Nella Kharisma became known to the public. Evidently, the music video released in April 2017 and this, has watched more than 111 million Youtube users. Not only that, the song Jaran Goyang is included in the list of most popular songs throughout 2017. In addition, the name of singers from Kediri, East Java is more in the search on Google dibadingkan actress Gal Gadot and girlband, Blackpink. Almost every day Nella Kharisma performs off water in East Java and Central Java. Even if the weekend, he can gig more than one


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