The Inner Sea of the World Need to Know

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The sea is a vast collection of saltwater and associated with oceans. The sea is a vast collection of saltwater on the surface of the earth that separates or connects a continent with another continent and an island with another island. Sea water, according to Wikipedia is a mixture of 96.5% pure water and 3.5% other materials such as salt, dissolved gases, organic materials and insoluble particles. The main physical properties of seawater are determined by 96.5% pure water. carbon dioxide. The acidity of this water that causes the high weathering and causing the sea to be salty as it is today. In the past, the tsunami waves often occur because of the frequent asteroids hit the Earth.


The earth is divided into two major regions, namely land and sea. Relief of the earth's mainland surface is the land area that is on earth. Relief on land is more frequently deformed. Consequently affect the life that is in it. In addition, due to the shape that is often changed, created many ecosystems. Ecosystems that have formed the characteristics and location of the ecosystem. Onshore ecosystems include rain forests, seasonal forests, tundra ecosystems, taiga forests, desert ecosystems, pasture ecosystems, river ecosystems, lake ecosystems and swamps. Each ecosystem represents a form of land relief that exists on the surface of the earth. Mainland Relief:

Swamps, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers
While the relief of the ocean is the shape of the earth's surface in the ocean. Basically the shape of sea and land surface is almost the same. Like the ocean that also has mountains, mountains, high land, and valleys. It's just that the valley in the sea is called a sea trench. What distinguishes is the measurement of land seen through the highest peak. While the oceans look at their depth. Ecosystems that exist in the oceans are also different from existing ecosystems in the mainland. The marine ecosystem looks at its depth. In marine ecosystems there are coral reefs and deep marine ecosystems. The shape of earth surface reliefs of the oceans are:

The continental shelf with a depth of less than 200 meters
The continental slope with a depth of more than 200 meters
The continental shelf where the sedimentary material is gathered by the ocean currents
Sea Mountain
Sea Trench
On land relief, measurements and research are easier to do, because of its location on land, whereas in the oceans, because of its location within the ocean, there are still many unique and newly discovered marine creatures. This is due to the deeper the sea, the sun will be reduced, and water pressure increases. In the world, many oceans have deep depths.

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