What will Android P's final release gonna be?

4년 전


I'm completely wondering if there's everything other than Peanut Butter than know how to be the label of the melodious think of that comes after Oreo. It seems to me that Android P will receive the nearly everyone blandly predictable publish name, not with standing murmurs about pie or peppermint.

Pie is moreover generic and has to be licensed by an attachment noun, which brings us to the suspect of sentence a manner of standard pie that begins with the epistle P. I container meditate of barely two, peach and pumpkin. Neither has the just about complete reputation acknowledgment of peanut butter, except maybe in the Netherlands, somewhere the native word translates to "Peanut cheese" (Pindakaas). Peppermint, on the other hand, is new of a hint than a dessert in its have possession of right.

consequently that plants us with Peanut Butter. Android P will categorically grasp peanut butter in it. The grill is come again? form. Peanut butter above-board from the jar? Peanut butter sandwich or its sweet-and-sour cousin, peanut butter and jelly? at that time we maintain the other commercial, new baby than peanut varieties, the peanut butter cookie and peanut butter goblet (incidentally I bring into being out that US peanut butters are obligatory by rule to be at slightest 90% peanuts; something excluding must be called rather else, like peanut butter spread).

Here's hoping Google chooses the improved version, obvious peanut butter. (Partly a trial of whether I bottle stake via my default browser but additionally a legitimate excitement discussion)

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