Benefits of Duck Eggs For Health & Beauty

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duck eggs Benefits of duck eggs for health a lot because eggs have a lot of protein content. Even the protein contained in the duck eggs more than the chicken eggs, duck eggs were widely used as salted eggs because the quality of the duck eggs more than the chicken eggs. Duck egg texture is chewy, delicious and can absorb higher salt.

The size of the duck egg is larger than the chicken. The benefits for health are as follows:

  1. Keeping Your Eyes To Stay Healthy

The content of vitamin A high, believed to maintain eye health. Eyes that lack of vitamin intake will be cloudy and not clear again. Eyes also become yellow because of lack of vitamin.Aatu duck eggs contain 472 IU of vitamin A, vitamin A with the content of it is a highly recommended vitamin intake every day.

Good for the eyes:

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  1. Throw Free Radicals & Immune System

In addition to maintaining eye health, vitamin A is also useful in warding off free radicals, improve the immune system and also strengthen bone and teeth health. Benefits of antioxidants is one substance that can combat free radicals and increase the body's immune system.

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  1. Bones & Teeth

If you often consume vitamin A, then your teeth and bones will be avoided from porous. Bone and porous teeth will make your future performance will be more burdened.

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  1. Helps Human Body Metabolism and Human Digestion

Vitamin E in duck eggs is very useful in helping human digestion and improve the body's metabolic system. In the duck eggs there are about 0.9 milligrams of vitamin E, vitamin E with the content is 3 percent of the vitamin E requirement in the body and the content suggested by experts.

Vitamin E in the body can be used as a high antioxidant that can be useful in warding off free radicals present in this life, vitamin E can also be useful to help better digestion and increase metabolism in the body. If metabolism in the tubub is good in preventing the virus and various infectious diseases that will attack the body.

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  1. Helping Human Body In Producing Hormones

Duck eggs contain minerals and iron that are beneficial to the body. The content of duck eggs also contains selenium. Selenium is beneficial in boosting the immune system and also aids the body in creating a hormone called thyroid. The iron contained in duck eggs is useful in producing red blood cells. This red blood serves in carrying and transporting oxygen in the body and circulated throughout the body, not only that iron also functions in generating energy for the body.

  1. Adding Vitality to Men

High-protein duck eggs can be useful in increasing the vitality of men, especially men who have heavy work, duck eggs can maintain stamina and produce more energy. Therefore advised men who have a hard job to always consume duck eggs.

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