The Benefits of an In-House Tongue for the Environment and the Room

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Do not you think that the tongue-in-law is a tongue of your spicy in-laws, clever and a bit grumpy. Wrong! The tongue-in-law is one of the most famous live pharmacies with the name Sanseveria. The appearance of this plant is long that really resembles a long tongue and there is a polka-dot motif on the tongue. It's totally different from your tongue-in-law, is not it?

For the collectors of ornamental plants, would have been familiar with the beauty of this flora. Indeed in the value of aesthetics, this plant has its own character to stand upright on the pots of your yard. Apparently, in terms of health, tongue-in-law is also very useful.

tongue-in-law Most unique from this plant is able to survive in a dry and humid place though. In the leaves are rich in water or commonly called with a succulent. Even if you are busy with your activities, so forget not to water it, do not worry. Because your tongue-in-law can still stand with his handsome on the pot.

What are the benefits of the tongue-in-law? Check it out!

  1. Absorb the air pollution

Indeed, the main benefits of green plants in general is to absorb CO2 is in use for combustion and the formation of photosynthesis. So that the carbon dioxide in the absorption earlier, will be in though with chlorophyll and then produce oxygen and energy in the form of ATP for the plant itself. That is why plants during the day are cool when you are beside them.

But remember, to avoid plants at night. Because there is a dark reaction to plants at night. Where they no longer need carbon dioxide to process photosynthesis, but using oxygen. Just like the ordinary people inhale.

  1. High pollutant absorption capability

Not all plants are able to absorb pollutants and have a high resistance point. This ability is rely on by the tongue-in-law. Even up to 107 types of pollutants he can handle, more specifically to cigarette smoke. For it is highly recommended for cigarette addicts to have this plant at home. Its function is to neutralize pollution.

Top 1 source of antioxidants:

  1. Neutralize the unpleasant aroma in the refrigerator

Aloe vera leaves contain compounds that can neutralize the aroma and odor in the room, especially in the humid refrigerator. You can start by putting pieces of tongue-in-law on the door of the refrigerator and in between the room. This is also the same in the industry that works in a special room of production. Its function is to be able to work well in reducing toxic compounds that are very dangerous to the worker's inhalation

  1. Helps reduce radiation

You are always in front of computer screen, laptop, or television? Then it is necessary to place this plant next to your monitor screen. Because the ability to reduce the radiation waves generated by the monitor. It's so good to keep your eyes healthy.

  1. Working as an antiseptic

This plant is also good in use as anti septic. Because the content is good to work in eradicating germs, bacteria that grow in the wound tissue. Therefore it is good as an antiseptic.

  1. Good for tonic hair

Not just health problems alone, plant tongue-in-law is also useful for your hair care. If you are able to process the roots into a sari, then rubbed on your hair. It is able to be a hair freshener that helps keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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