The Benefits of Stale Tea For Beauty

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The benefits of stale tea first is to make facial skin healthier, stale tea pot has long been used for facial skin. Who does not want to have healthy facial skin? Various ways are done by many people to get healthy facial skin. But not many know that stale tea can also provide benefits for skin health.

How to use :

Tea that has been stale without any mixture like sugar can make facial skin lebh bright and soft. Stale tea can be made with face wash water. And the broken tea granules can be used as scrubs. This makes stale tea can ward off acne, remove dead skin cells, overcome blackheads, pick up black spots, and others.

Essential for facial skin:

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Stale Tea Can Eye Healthy

Stale tea also has benefits to nourish the eyes. In an age of advanced technology, daily usage of gadgets is mandatory. Even now you can say people can not be separated from these objects. And of course there are negative effects such as radiation effects inflicted into the eye for example. One such example is seeing the computer screen for too long due to work. This activity makes the eyes will become tired even too tired. In addition to sunbathing therapy under the morning sun, the eyes will return to health with stale tea.

How to use:

Dip face into stale tea and then open your eyes slowly. Do it for a few seconds. Eyes will feel more fresh.

Essential to the eye:

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Stale Tea To Make Healthy Hair

Stale tea is also one of the ingredients to make healthy hair. Instead of deciding to use a variety of chemicals, take stale tea to create a healthy boost. Stale tea can ward off dullness due to dryness, prevent hair loss, and eliminate dandruff.

How To Use: For hair, use stale tea like using a hair mask.

Good For Hair:

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Tea Basi As an eye compress (eliminating panda eyes)

In addition to nourishing tired eyes in a way soaked, stale tea can also be used as an eye compress and eliminate panda eyes. Tired eyes usually cause dark circles around the eyes or can be called panda eyes. This dark circle is very disturbing appearance and shows that we are indeed tired. Not only that, tired eyes can also be crying all day long.

How to use: To compress the eyes with stale tea, use stale tea that has a bag. Or coated with special wrap (tea bags). Put it over the eyes for at least 15 minutes.

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