Watermelon Benefits For Male and Female Fertility

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Of the various benefits that can be taken from this refreshing fruit, it is also very good watermelon to improve fertility in men and women. To find out what are the benefits of this fruit for fertility, you can directly refer to the following reviews.

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Maintaining Prostate Health
The lycopene that is present in the tomato was defeated when compared with the levels of lycopene contained in the watermelon. Lycopene is a substance with the ability of antioxidants that will nourish the heart, skin and also prostate.

By consuming foods that contain high lycopene as in watermelon for 3 weeks before undergoing prostatectomy, then the results obtained is a reduction in prostate tissue damage is quite drastic.

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Overcoming Impotence
Watermelon and watermelon contain high levels of phyto nutrient called citrulline. This citrulline has many benefits for the health of the body and one of them is relaxing the blood vessels as found in erectile dysfunction drugs.

Consume citrulline regularly will increase the nitric oxide level, so that blood vessels can be more relaxed and blood flow will be smooth. By increasing this blood flow, it will overcome erectile dysfunction for mild cases.

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Increase Sperm Count
In the watermelon contains at least 15 to 20 mg lycopene which is not only useful to fight cancer cells, but also very good to increase sperm count up to 67% and improve the structure of sperm up to 63%.

Improving Sexual Performance
Watermelon is also a fruit that has high sitrulin as it is in Viagra. These compounds will increase the production of nitric oxide which has an important role to improve the performance of male sexual.

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Improving Fertility of Pregnant Women
The high content of folic acid present in the watermelon fruit is also very useful to improve the fertility of pregnant women. Not only good consumed during pregnancy, but also well consumed after childbirth.

Fertilize the Content
The high content of folic acid present in this watermelon fruit is also well consumed by pregnant women. Folic acid will be useful to nourish the content and prevent the occurrence of physical defects and also the nerves in the baby in the womb. This benefit can be better absorbed if watermelon fruit juice is made first so it is more easily absorbed by the body.

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Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk
The high content of lycopene in watermelon has an important role to reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer. By consuming about 20 mg of lycopene as much as 2 times a day and done for 3 months, the risk of prostate cancer can decline very drastically.

Role is Important For Men's Erection
The amino acid sitruin compounds present in watermelon fruit will increase the production of nitroxides which are important substances for the erection system in men. Sitrulin will be easily absorbed by the body so that the level of blood flow constration can be obtained with the maximum.

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Male Hormone Formation
In the watermelon also contains many vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6. The content of vitamin B6 in watermelon fruit is very important role in the formation of sex hormones in men, so it is very good to be consumed every day.

Helps Penetration of Egg Cells
Not only good for the skin, one of the content of watermelon is Vitamin E is also very good to help sperm for egg penetration.

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Fixing Abnormal Sperm
The content of vitamin B12 and also folic acid which is also present in water-rich fruit is also very useful in the formation of genetic material so it is very good to improve abnormal sperm, increase sperm count and also improve sperm motility.

Increases Testosterone Levels
Zinc is also contained in this fruit is very useful to increase testosterone levels and also improve fertility and increase sperm production in men.

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Awakening Libido
Not only the flesh of the fruit that has many benefits for fertility, but watermelon seeds also appeared to have an important content in improving male fertility because it has high levels of antioxidants lycopene. The trick is to drink water boiled watermelon seeds regularly.

Improve Hair Fertility
Watermelon skin part also has many benefits for fertility, one of which is for hair fertility so as not to easily fall out. The trick is to use the skin of watermelon fruit is white and then rub the skin of the watermelon on the scalp until evenly before bed and rinse the next day.

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Preventing Impotence
Other properties of watermelon fruit that is on the white skin is a high content of citrulline which is useful as oxidation with high levels of sangta beneficial to prevent the occurrence of impotence in men.

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