Trying the esteem app; feed back

3년 전

So I'm trying the esteem app for the first time,using it to type out this post as well(using the esteem app to make a post of me while it)😋 image
So I'm checking things out and I most say that the app isn't good,its awesome 😮...check out these writing features, my poetry is about to get better!
Also the pictures seems to upload real fast and believe me that's awesome... Not leaving out the fact that I could actually use my posting key if I don't want to use the active key ...just by setting it to advanced image
Isn't that awesome?
Tbh I used this my back up account to try the app out because I like being over protective and getting my guards up but believe me I'm about to switch lol,because it would really help with my post.. Take a look at these other amazing features,you can save the particular posts you want for later image All in one app,at first my friend told me about this app but I didn't try it earlier till someone else did and now I'm glad that I actually tried it... Oh there's more cool stuffs,but I'm kinda talking too Much already so I'll leave you to check them out yourself 😝😎😉

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