Yes, You can make your life BED OF ROSES!


Hello Steemians,

After a LOOOOOOOOONG TIME.... I am Back!

It is a common saying that life is not at all a bed of roses. May be the person who used this quote for the first time got some bitter experiences from life. Most probably he did ------!!

To me, Life is a mixture of ups and downs. If, you are enjoying some lovely treatment from life it really does not mean that situation will remain the very same all the time. Definitely life will exert some pressure to make you down. It is the response of the person that defines whether life is gonna get some punch or the person.

Physiological impact is very much necessary to deal the matters of life. Being panic in down times of life makes you more down and dull while being composed in any situation of life makes you real warrior to tackle the matters of life in an ideal way.

Hence, it should be our habit to face the happiness and sadness of life in a composed way. By doing so life will definitely become bed of roses :)

See you in the next post. Until then Bye Bye

  • Salman Bukhari
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