Canned Fish Products RI Start Spread to 86 Countries

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Chairman of the Indonesian Fish Canning Association Adi Surya said that the production of canned fish by Indonesian companies has now been imported to 86 countries. He said, the history of canned fish originated from Muncar Village in Banyuwangi in 1971.

Adi also hoped, canned fish products made in domestic companies can increasingly dominate domestic and foreign markets.
However, Adi acknowledged, there are still many people who have not received information correctly about canned fish products that have the benefits of protein, calcium, and minerals. He also alluded to, first assuming that the tin fish came from fish that rather than being dumped better canned, and obviously that was a misconception.

"Fish cans use dyes and preservatives, this is also a mistaken understanding, there is one condition of canned fish, the condition is fresh from the sea, frozen raw materials of the sea, once caught frozen on the ship," said Adi while attending the Month of Bakti Quarantine and Fishery Product Quality in Cibubur, East Jakarta.

Adi explained, eating canned fish that has become the standard of the world community. Countries that have winters are among the most fond of eating practically canned fish. He also mentioned the canned fish products can be used as a menu if the community does not have enough time to cook.
"So our high fish standard can be expired for three years, commercial sterilization process does not need preservatives, use high technology and use sterilization technology until the bacteria die, eat canned fish safe, healthy, and nutritious, complete," said Adi.

He added, some time ago there had been a commotion about one of the canned fish products. Adi invites people to not be affected and still eat fish for daily food. "If yesterday there was a fuss, because there is competition in the country," said Adi.

Head of Fish Quarantine Agency, Quality Control and Fishery Products Security (BKIPM) of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Rina said the activities of Quarantine Month and Quantity of Fishery Products 2018 is a vehicle of information and communication in improving marine and fisheries development in the community. Rina added, the devotion event is also filled with the distribution of healthy and quality fish to the community.

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