Chairman of SMEs Bekasi: Es Kepal Milo Dongkrak Citizen Economy

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Industrial beverage products such as ice cream kepinian milo, lately much in demand as a business opportunity. From there, emerging micro small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who peddle ice kepal milo. So it can be an additional income and even a basic income for individual business people.

Ice cream seller Cecill milo, Veronika in a day can claim to sell as many as 150 to 200 cups. Haga per cupnya ranges up to the price of Rp 20 thousand. Moreover if it is crowded, ice kepal milony can be up to 300 cups per day. "It's very helpful for my economy, yes it's ice milo, it really adds to the income," he said.
Family Dom-Dom milo ice sheller also feels the same way. In one day earnings can reach USD 2.4 million by spending 400 cups of ice heads milo. "Crowd, thank God, many like," he said.

The emergence of UMKM-SMEs such as ice kepal milo this, affect the personal economic income of each SMEs actors. It will also help boost the local economy.
Chairman of MSME Mandiri Sejahtera Bekasi City, Ina Marlina said, when viewed from the side of employment, it certainly helps increase income for traders. However, according to him, in terms of product improvement, innovation and creativity can make the competition can even turn off local products.

"It could affect the local product if the drink is more popular among teenagers in our country," said Ina in Bekasi on Tuesday (15/5).
Ina added, milo ice if produced in a large party, will affect the regional economy. Especially if it is innovated in terms of taste and packaging. "It can greatly increase the income of MSMEs, which automatically affect the economic improvement in Bekasi, although small scale, but it helps," he said.

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I remember Milo malted shakes in Aruba in the late 70's. I have not seen the Brand since; nice to see they are still around. Greetings!


Thanks Here milo is still very much on sale, Although many brands of competitors but milo still do not lose the demand. Uniquely the people here make milo more attractive like ice cream, If you come here surely you will be interested to try it.