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The history of the world's greatest person (1)
The first and last of the infinite universe.
The universe in the great universe, also the Milky Way called Master of the universe they live in. There is a small universe. But the mother of the universe. The sun-centered and sun, the nine planets around the world are home to mankind. ဂြိုလ်် third on the big sun.
Live animal ရန်် living planet in the best position. I saw blue and green on a dazzling spread လွမ်းမောဖွယ် beautiful planet. The history of all ages through successive planet. Still ဖြတ်် million. The world and the creatures that live in and rely on the planet, through successive ages History Still passing.
The highest human intelligence among living creatures. From the highest intelligence and other remains of animals all over the world to influence.

And through the long, long history and learn from nature and human intelligence. The more mature during the sixth century BC. Therefore, through history အတုယူဖွယ် hero martyrs, Knowledge professionals who revealed many of his hypocrisy.
The historic ပုဂ္ဂိုလ်ကြီးများ တွေးမိတိုင်း willing and desire to imitate, Stability was a great saint and could be productive.

Are Buddhist, and is worshiped as a god of the Lord Buddha.

Where I was born in the north of India and Nepal. Himalaya Shortly stars near the foothills. Far from famous wrong, and about a hundred miles. Great Buddha poor father. မဟာရာဇာ mother Maya Devi. In his 16th year she married Devi. In his 29 not out to find compounds. That is the day of the birth of his son Rahula prince.

In the light of the world from the dark ages of the world to help change the start date based supply chain.

Lasted 6 years he had to gain insight into the overall nature.

He saw that the natural law of 45 years, did not wander the end instruction in 45 of his 80 Vasa he was away.
45 years. It is extremely short. But in the world Priceless Gifts received 45 intelligence နှစ််.

Which was probably the greatest period of ministerial studies are large enough to have an end. I do not wish you to attain (understanding) are deep enough.

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