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About Gameloft mobile games company official paid Clearing

In recent years, the writers and the mainstreaming of the environment Living Together practice. Living Together is a country to live together before they married. If any good, but not sexual, but are no longer valid, Seated social relations practice. Before a marriage in a foreign country are living with a sense of an examination. When it fails, they took two of Understanding agreed separately. They married while it was OK. The country that this practice is compatible with Myanmar culture. However, trends suggest.

Moreover, the official who love before marriage boyfriend since 0 Live is extremely spread in Myanmar society, youth is a routine popularized. However, the door while staying outside of the time just a few moments with pleasure Let them enjoy fellowship there are sensitive issues.

Event (1)

One day, the author came to the two women. In an older part to draw a young woman (20) years of age. They became both her mother. Come from a clinic near closing time. The mother found her daughter menstrual blood. Blood comes to injection. Deep fears around seem to be embarrassed. He can not afford. There is also pregnant, The full story of the review hearing. I can not cover, Phil can not leave the situation happened. The author can not afford any. What about the ethical rules must have your abortion is not the case. Explain regretfully had persuaded walk released.

(2) the process

Once a girl came to the clinic. Educated graduates community 0 dust. Often becomes thin and sick people. Once finished, It looks like you will not be long pale white man in good health. Try also neck tumor. We've ordered a blood test, I was not sorry. The answer is an HIV-infected blood. Parents also attend to, probably. Now I know that I am HIV positive Zaragoza. I dislike morality ကောင်လေးရဲ့ social because it disagrees with the parents. Break. But not too long before committing. So now, the incident occurred visits.

These events can be seen in all sexual matters, to become the A wide range of problems with the writer's country becomes flat. The first event is going to 0 through sex. Usually family planning embryos properly complied with schizophrenia because of the weakness and lack of compliance. In a second win are multiplied through sexual contagious diseases.

The writer's family planning and when it came to the country rattling in and prevent unnecessary pregnancy is still weak. On the birth of emergency Wash up and drink and drugs are still there. What kind of medicine is in each respective drug They are still there. Therefore, if possible, consult the nearest health 0 employees and should be selected.

However, these embryos are medications to prevent other infections overall. Including HIV 0 venereal diseases such as syphilis disease (syphilis) and gonorrhea (Gonorrh-oea) does not protect completely. Contagious diseases via sex is usually protected protect the condom (Condom).

Today, when the survey in Myanmar, there are more than 240,000 victims of HIV infected population. The population is also the known population is merely cosmetic. Ice-berg Pheno- menon (There are ice theory). The floating Arctic sea 0 Divisional Let ice. On the surface, it seems that smaller ice. But the piece of ice water, which are covered under the volume is enormous. Between people who are impossible to find, as the law writers have been collecting infection that individuals can still remain.

HIV is especially gay, Heterosexual communion, Blood infected with the virus, Clean needles, Copying via the injection tube, Use clean equipment, tattoos, And by transmission from mother to fetus. ART (ART) medication regularly wash the baby immediately after birth can reduce the rate of mother-to-child transmission.

While 'with layers of other world ခြားတယ် Full of wellbeing, Not satisfied about is sex without using condoms and sex-related diseases can occur if you can not get pregnant. Each individual event is issued to various social problems. Therefore, while I want to use condoms. Also, two condoms There are two. There was named the male condom use and male and female condoms.
Myanmar is paid into the mobile gaming market in collaboration with the France-based video game company Gameloft joined starting on May 10.

The company Gameloft games မြန်် Mark telecom SIM cards used in mobile phones if they play to be charged $ 200 per day.
In addition, demand for gaming while the body of the game film accessories must be used to buy again, starting from $ 105, Gameloft announced.

'' Paid tons of games, The software really worth it. The game is good. Download is worth $ 200 to urge the 'mobile gaming ဟိန်းထက် Swe said.
Most of those in the current mobile gaming playing games are available for free from the Play Store. Gameloft company Cricket, SuperQuad Bikes, Boat Racing Games and Hero of Sparta on their website, including presentation of a lot of the game is not limited announced it would be able to access.
'' Mobile Game Gameloft users satisfied Asphalt® RealFootball® play high-quality games such as a mobile phone, you will not miss '' Myanmar telecoms Economic Officer Mr. Reizo Umeda sai
All connectivity services to its mobile phone users currently paid into the mobile gaming 7865 GAME Send Sending marketing messages to attract.

The mobile phone game players to play free games despite Myanmar Communications and the service is good paid games must come to accept that the mobile gaming Han Zaw said.

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