Enjoy weekend time casually


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Good evening news lovers wherever you are ...
Weekends are a very useful time for me because I'm always waiting for the weekend, there's nothing special this weekend because I just sit alone differently from last weekend who spent time with my girlfriend on vacation.
This beautiful night I want to share a little experience, about the journey of life, career, and also romance ..
The first;

This is me ordinary people live simple but full of mystery because my life is not much that can be guessed, as a Quiet Usually I always support what I feel, what I experienced is nothing can be guessed except singing the creator of God the universe God subhana huwata'ala... ![image]() The second;
Career, I am not a graduate of a modern school academy, only high school graduates, but I learned to live independently from four years ago and now thank God I can make it happen only to have a small salary, for me fifty thousand rupiah can be an independent person , working as a waiter in the restaurant became my priority to be independent ... ![image]() And the last;
Love romance, for a quiet man it is very difficult to get a woman, but because of a strong determination I dare to meet a woman who is still a banking technical vocational high school, constantly until now we meet for a long time, I feel a feeling more precisely I fell in love growing like that with that woman. On this day I ventured to take him for a walk and he also wanted to, now on the way I expressed my feeling of patience and he also expressed his feelings to me we finally invented as ... ![image]() That's my story @steemforez #FOLLOW my account And also #vote
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