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Tonight's recipe is indeed a prima donna among the community, especially among mothers. Like for example chicken penyet recipes that are increasingly variety and creativity, where usually unique and new recipes are created by professional chefs. You can see that there are so many variations on the menu every day that you can find in a simple dining place even if you have a fancy place to eat.
This is certainly not surprising given the penyet chicken is a traditional dish from the archipelago. Especially the tomato sauce which is typical of Javanese cuisine recipes, making this traditional cuisine a favorite food of the community. In addition to having delicious and delicious flavors, the price of penyet chicken is relatively cheap compared to other dishes.
The penyet chicken recipe itself is almost the same as other penyet chicken. But actually, in making this one the most important dish is the taste that is suitable for Indonesians who are famous for their spicy food.
Judging from its name, penyet means flat or thin so that the way of serving is different from the usual chicken. The correct presentation of chicken penyet is by pressing it with a cobek or ulegan which is used to make the sauce.
For those of you who want to try their own chicken penyet recipes at home, you can try the chicken set recipe below.

Material and seasoning to make chicken set
Chicken ingredients:
Medium-sized fresh chicken. Cut the chicken into 4-6 parts, then wash thoroughly and drain.
For the chicken itself, you can use free-range chicken or vegetable chicken (according to your taste)
1 bay leaf
2 cm ginger
3 cm galangal (spread)
Enough water
Right amount of oil
Ground spices :
4 cloves garlic
5 onion cloves
9 pieces of cayenne pepper
5 red chili
1 cm of turmeric
Salt and sugar to taste
How to cook practical fried chicken:
How to make the first set of chicken that must be done is to smooth the first fine spices that have been prepared. You should refine it manually or by digging it to produce a distinctive and delicious taste.
Prepare a pan and add enough clean water, then add the spices that have been mashed. Also enter the chicken meat that has been cut.
Cook over medium heat and stirring occasionally so that the spices soak. Don't forget to close the pan to quickly cook.
You can add water if the chicken meat is not tender.
Once cooked, turn off the heat and let it cool quickly
Prepare a skillet over medium heat and pour a lot of oil so that chicken meat can be submerged.
Put the chicken meat and fry until it is brownish yellow.
After being cooked, remove and drain.

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