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Hi steemit friend
Good night all

This beautiful night I want to share a short story ... I am just an ordinary person living in a simple way, not too fashionable, glamorous, and also a lot of style, because I am only a person who tries to work. My work everyday as a restaurant servant is nothing great but it is real looking for my own money even though sometimes my parents forbid it because they are still able to pay for my life and also my family, but for me it's a very boring thing to eat, drink, treasure only parents have children who do it. ![image]() ![image](
Working as a housekeeper requires a patient attitude, because most consumers are selfish, and also a lot of requests, at first I felt annoyed with the behavior of consumers but my boss's friends and assistants gave me a little motivation and finally I got used to it now survive there. For me to live independently, the principle that must be tried bitter initially is finally sweet, life does need money if we have our own business, surely we will succeed for the future, which is important in our intentions and beliefs. ![image]() This time the outpouring of my heart for a little motivation for others what I experienced can be a passion for you.
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