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Before the actor who spent Masonry bricks ()
How successful actor Arnold told Life (5)

No. 1 goal.

Without the goal, my life will not be happy.

No. (2), is thinking big. I do not think small. Keep in mind to cover the stars. I did not believe a movie actor thought. I had wanted to be a prince. Actor I wanted to be a famous actor. I Want to be an actor's highest-paid actor ...

Namely, the actor I want to be another one of Red John. So I do not think small. Think big and dream big.

Number (3) Ignore those who criticize the way.

Generally, if you have a big dream big goals and the people around it. So you can not get enough. Surrounded nearly impossible journey.

I became 15 years old Bodybuilder brother. I'm the world champion Mr. I want to become Universe say, and surrounded by people he said. Are you crazy. Bodybuilder sport in American sports. German-speaking. Dancing. It's not easy work out he said.

I did not listen to their words had broken 13 world championship prize. I wanted to film. I want to be Reg Park. Reed wanted to be a prince.

So Ace, Jamaica The managers deal with their response, you know I was very awake. I had gotten the actor wanted.
Look first body pillow. I'm a big body. And your voice is the German pronunciation. Germany international actor seen aloud. It is impossible later.
In addition, the name of the glass pixel. I was hard to call. People do not get the glass cinema pips right. Divorce is impossible. Forget I said that.

Look at kids. Whatever I advocating for people ... impossible. Because Forget said.

Fortunately, well, I did not say they would not listen.
My acting classes. English language training. Even removing a pronunciation training.

Even the end of the day I was talking. ... "A Fine wine grows on a vine ..." (I think the text of a pronunciation training)

Had an opportunity one day. I had the privilege of starring in a TV Show room. A car a little bit, I had the privilege of acting. Pumping Iron movie and I had the privilege of participating in the film Stay Hungry.
Later, as a great opportunity Conan the Barbarian, but had the opportunity to participate as a main character actor.

Interestingly there with the meeting, the film's director of media muscle Without awake built to make this film to be macro speaking out.

In the past, the people of my body was criticized as impossible to film macro. The body was an opportunity.

When I Terminator director James Cameron says.
"I'LL be back chat to film one of the most popular chat history. Because to stay awake and feel the sound robotic.
Think before you talk to people I do not criticize the speaker. But now it's become strengths.

So ignore those who criticize it.

Try number (4) The fourth method. The rich can not try to do Kaohsiung does not want to face any. Must go through fire and standards.

I arrived in the US had to train for 5 hours a day. The livelihood in the construction industry and construction workers had to work as a brick.

In addition, from 8 pm to 12 midnight hours I attended acting classes. These are being made every day. Try to work. I always believed this. No matter advocating try.
Try Try Try. Please try again and again.

The final number (5) Method Giving back. I often see myself always remove the mirrors. And the right to see what the West. I need to see millions of people.

So I take any opportunity given to trying to return to Perth. Para Olympic ones I trained.

Most of the city is easy damaged child in school, the program has started. They come to the drug, To ensure safe, violence and bad associations.

We can create changes. Both my neighborhood, Local schools trick. The basic reason we depend on.

(1) goal.
(2) is thinking big.
(3) Ignore those who criticize.
(4) Try to work.
(5) to restore and change the world.

Who we are closing the age ... If I never will now.
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