3년 전

With everyone just migrant
Better life
Stay in a lifetime is not fueled by
Would love a ...
He also hates the head ....

Play & coatings
There he visited briefly.

A love spell on trial
There arrive are coming

Just three views
There are

My heart to be regarded as toys
There emotions are

lover hostage
There after she taught them many

With everyone to believe on the evidence
The spin would be friendly to those with ...

To intentionally and systematically worse
Smile and migrant There are

Just using the patient's grand son
There cunning when many ...

Although my life and I love
I desire then leave those who maybe ..

Just logged just different forms
Just to be on everyone's motives and feelings
We need to not sound too great

Being repeatedly suppress
I'll get it in memory

Allows you to clearly and abandon ...

He hurt me
We must be able to consider the costs ..

I stopped to pay the value of the very people who did not understand. I must wait
Just fun boom
You can enter rush ....

The value enthusiasts in his hands
I'm still me!
I just feeling
Stop are easy to tear

Some of the people had forsaken
Make yourself better and brings together ..

Button lost a four, I do not cry
Button bow again at a later time
You can have other better for a coat
If you have been able to own ....
Button was lost ... ever
By definition, no loss ....
Credit @stevensoe

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