Money Money.....

3년 전
  1. Money money. Wrong. In fact, money is often characterized. The group does not collect. Do not value yourself, Do not think too far off Liverpool recently.

  2. Lack of talent. Wrong. If you can train yourself, who had qualified inside the tent No one wants to graduate competent. No one failed to work. The successful person amount was often directly proportional. I was just a little lazy to work. I turned the book leaves little bored just read where people who qualify would be available.

  3. But they can not speak. Wrong. Who inherent good reason to talk. Because of good results under pure repeated hard to talk on stage.

  4. Characterized in that. Wrong. One day, a day to calculate a mobile phone application. Look gaming calculated time. Management at the time to manage the most wisdom. See Timeline small. I do, See the time, After two weeks to review the previous shortage Even people very likely to work, more than half the time I spent more time on less important things are often found.

  5. 0 Yes refreshing. Wrong. , Drink, Sales manager, This event, What would any young 0 Yes. Spam Spam will work. Repay loans. Bus ride. Who knows why. 0 Yes, either go to the finish just modestly, if you enjoy the taste of complete 0 Yes. 0 Yes nurture.

Crd by @stevensoe

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I'm loving the positivity & inspiration my friend! Thank you for posting this type of motivational message!

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