Only one works

3년 전

Once his job even more, although there are kids will be able to learn all there is a school that can be set.

  1. Learn from your boss

If his top officials and the wisdom of their experience and their sense of the world. I do not want to teach a section you want to teach. I want
The patient needs to endure.

  1. The act of having a try

Human act, the Spanish did not die. So if there are things that often unknown and asked to act. So that he will teach.

  1. I think everyone

Fulfillment of his skills, I still did not think the others will. Especially try to think of everyone.

S), make sure you teach

Except when you teach those things that are unknown because the casual thinking less. Make sure the world. Make sure. Others often can not be taught.

  1. always gives birth

With everything that 's the kind of thinking at work. Cultivate the desire to want to know. Observational study. So his work will teach a student.

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