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People shapes and definition of success open shaved. If you do and how to measure success?
My measuring stick.
I want to want to get customized lack of influence and freedom to work
If you get only 99% successful.

1% from the specified amount of people around the prominent power takes, there is a great prestige.

Because ignores death does not matter why.
Our strategic plans, trying no matter how well drafted death does not turn out.

That is why you should consider going to die a short time later What to do if.
If my hobby will get a long hill was arranged. Hobby is the song, lots of joy and happiness, such as for example Chinlone recreational hobbies as well as economic success of a 1% said above you want to breathe and then offered its work.

The stakes could understanding of the Buddha's teaching to walk almost before my speech arrears against parents, siblings, family debts Fulfillment try to help as long as the needs of the people around you, and try to make valuable person, that's all.

I give the call of death to someone trying to get a 99% success I set proud of yourself. You specify how? ♦♦♦

Crd by @stevensoe

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l like your artical..

The strong confidence of force for success

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