Self-Motivation: Learning is Not Just For a Diploma

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Everyone, we all need self-motivation to encourage us to do something of activities. This motivation can be a reason to try to be a better person. Hopefully, my writing will become your self-motivation and can help you determine the direction of your goals and address life problems that are increasingly difficult.

Our first motivation is the advice of parents. Parents give lots of advice and really wish so that their children can succeed in the future. However, when growing up, the advice of parents tends to be cliché. Though the words of parental advice are the first words of motivation we hear. After we grow up, we look for motivational words from idol figure us.

The following are motivational words from a successful idol figure.

1) Motivational words from Soichiro Honda


I don’t give a damn for the diploma. What I want is the knowledge.
quote: Soichiro Honda

Most of us in learning learn about educational institutions like at the University just because of a diploma. Even some of us are willing to cheat just for the sake of graduation.

As we know that the core of learning is trying to get an understanding of something. Like the self-motivating words of the founder of Honda, that science is more valuable than just a pass mark (diploma).

Therefore, for what we study abroad if all we get is a diploma, not a science. There is no meaning in having and possessing an S-2 or S-3 diploma without knowledge. Successful people are not always seen from their diploma because people can get a diploma in a fraudulent manner.

Ironically, in our country (Indonesia) people get positions or decent jobs in government not because of high knowledge but because they are close to big people or because he is a son of a government official and so on. Even though we have the high knowledge, but we do not have pak cek (relatives) in the government, it will be very difficult for us to get a decent job in accordance with our educational qualifications.

I am very motivated by the self-motivating words of the founder of Honda. For me, it is better to have a high and broad knowledge than to have a diploma but not understand anything.

2) Motivational words from Andrea Hirata


Give me the hardest thing, I'll study!
quote: Andrea Hirata

From his words it was seen and reflected that he was a person of high curiosity. Therefore, be a person who has a lot of curiosity and high curiosity. Because then you will be motivated to continue learning without knowing tired and bored.

For me, the words of self-motivation above can make me more enthusiastic about learning. That is, the more difficult a problem, the more active and diligent and the swift desire to learn. Finding and asking for challenges is one way that we can motivate ourselves to continue learning.

Hopefully we are motivated to always be human beings continue to learn without knowing the word tired and bored

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