Remembering the History of Human Rights Violations on May 3, 1999: The Bloody Tragedy of the Aceh KKA Intersection

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On this occasion, I would like to explain about the tragedy of gross human rights violations that occurred in Aceh in 1999. Let us reflect again on this very sad event.


May 3, 1999: Bloody Tragedy of the KKA Intersection
Pattern of events: Civil massacre.
Day / Date: Monday (May 3, 1999)
At: 12:30 WIB
Place: Simpang KKA Krueng Geukueh, Kec. Dewantara, Aceh Utara
Actor: Apparatus from the unit of the Missile Den 001 and Battalion 113 North Aceh.
Eyewitness: Community of North Aceh Dewantara KKA Intersection
Chronology: Chronology of the KKA Intersection Tragedy
Commemorating 17 years of massacre at Simpang KKA, North Aceh
May 3 has a lot of meaning for the people of North Aceh, and also for the people of Aceh in general. This date means not only the resistance or resistance of the people against the state, but also a bad memory, how the state is so arbitrary towards its people.

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Therefore, every year - even though it is not routine because the condition of Aceh is not always conducive to remembering the tragedy - the people of North Aceh, especially the victims of the Simpang KKA tragedy, commemorate it.
Just treating memory, Monday, May 3, 1999 or 16 years ago, a lot of blood was splattered around the PT KKA intersection. The screams and cries of the victims broke the ears of anyone who had heard.
At that time, the price of army bullets was so cheap, because it could be squandered very easily. After that, dozens of corpses and hundreds of victims were erupted, some were stiff, many were still alive while moaning, others were running around, looking for a place that could be used as shelter.


At 12:30 WIB, Rumbling sounds and human screams filled the KKA Intersection. Thousands of people fled to avoid attacks from the TNI. Two reporters from RCTI (Umar HN and Said Kaban) who happened to be in that place had a chance to record important moments that happened either with photos or videos.
It can be said, the results of the recording became one of the most accurate and undeniable evidence of what the actual event was. Shots are carried out without warning and in a position ready for combat. The soldier at the front squatted and the one in the back row stood up.


In addition, soldiers who were on the truck also continued to fire while doing combat movements. At that time the population who no longer had time to run away lay down but continued to be strafed.
In addition to firing in the direction of the mass, the TNI also directed fire at people's homes, so that many residents who were inside the house were also victims. They even chased and entered people's houses and carried out massacres there.
Many residents who have been shot and cannot run anymore are still being strafed by soldiers from behind. They carried out slaughter like a party.
In the massacre, 45 people died on the spot, 156 others were injured mostly due to gunshot wounds, and 10 of them were missing.

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I think that is bad of history for acheh people @syehlah.

@tipu curate


That was our life before there was peace between Aceh and Indonesia

Thank you