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Who does not know one of these insect species he is one of the insects that make people disgusted and disliked by every component of society.

So that the fly is dubbed by everyone as a nuisance animal which always makes people uncomfortable in human life, not only that it also carries disease due to its presence which impacts on human health.

Moreover, the flies that roam in your house, really very annoying for everyone about its existence. Flies that always come from dirty places will certainly find food in your home, and they will perch on any food that has been provided at home, so their presence in your food will be contaminated with traces of the virus found in their feet.

Experts say that the fly itself carries a variety of diseases, and the results of the study said that it can carry about 100 types of germs on the fly's body itself. Whereas on the delicate legs that have attached germs attached to the flies can trigger diseases

such as antaraks, typhus, tuberculosis and diarrhea.

And one of the researchers from the United States engaged in the field at one of the Penn State Eberly College of Sciences, said that,

flies that come home can carry germs and bacteria such as salmonella, e-coli and bacteria that can cause heartburn and sepsis or poisoning in the blood.

The research results found are very dangerous for humans as mentioned above. So thus it is very important for us to always watch him in anticipation of his presence in our homes.

So thus, through this post will be mentioned a few tips to avoid or anticipate their presence in our own homes.

These tips have been adopted from the experiences of people who have succeeded in doing so, and have also been adopted from the opinions of several experts who have examined the success in anticipating them, so below will be mentioned one by one.

Anticipate with lemons and cloves

In general, flies will not like the fragrant scent, so we often see it always in the trash because the smell of rotten garbage can invite its presence, if in your home then simply provide lemon and cloves by splitting the two lemons and then plant the cloves on the lemon, then by automatic lemon and clove scents produce a fragrant aroma so that flies are very reluctant to approach it.

Provide special plants

Not only the scent of lemons and cloves, flies also really hate some scents, but also will hate some special plants because these plants produce scents that are not liked by flies, such as basil plants, bay plants, lavender plants, tomatoes, mint, and marigolds. This plant has a distinctive aroma that is not only fragrant, but also is not liked by flies. Therefore flies are reluctant to come to your house.

Plastic with water

It sounds really strange when you drive away flies with one of the tools like providing plastic that is filled with water. Because clear plastic and the water in it can trick the view of flies while in your home.

Flies have 3000-6000 eyes in each eye circle.

So thus, when a fly sees water in clear plastic, its vision will not focus and in the end it will go somewhere else. However, this technique must be in a bright place. If placed in a dark place, this technique does not work.

Candle light

This technique has been done by ancient times, people at that time repel flies by burning candles.

If the candle is burned there will be smoke and heat, the fly will not like the smoke and heat, so it will go to another place that is considered safe. This method is usually used in public places such as restaurants, food stalls, and cafe locations that provide food.

In choosing candles it is not necessary that you can also use ordinary candles but it will be very effective if you use candles that have fruit scents and other essence of plant aromas which he does not like.

Flies are animals that are able to be conquered by human reason, so humans find a way to make a study in expelling them. Thus a brief description of some tips for how to get rid of flies in your home. Hope it is useful for us all. Thank you very much.

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