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  • Begin work on big projects or papers early. Breaking up big projects into a series of smaller tasks can make the assignment less overwhelming.
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  • Take frequent study breaks. Experts say that you study more efficiently and retain more information if you take a ten or fifteen minute break between hours of study.
  • Study every day. It becomes easier when you make ai a habit. And studying every day will help you remember information so you won't have to cram for tests.
  • Find your best time to study. Some people concentrate better in the morning, some late at night. Leave errands and less important tasks for times when you feel less alert.
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  • Find a good place to study. Some people prefer to study in the library or other quiet places. Others like to study at home. If you choose to study at home, find ways to avoid distractions, such as turning off the phone and TV, and negotiating with the family for quiet time.
  • Ask for help before it's too late. Talk to your teacher as soon as you feel you are having problems. Perhaps tutoring can help you with some of the more difficult concepts in a class.
  • Start a study group. Get together once or twice a week with other members of the same class to clarify information, ask questions and share notes and observations.
  • Make regular exercise a part of your routine. It will actually help to keep your stress level down and help you feel more alert and productive. Reward yourself for getting school assignments done. Talk to a friend, or plan an outing with family members. You deserve it.
  • Get organized at the beginning of the term or semester. Keep your syllabus or procedure sheet, handouts, and notes for each class together in a file or exercise book. Keep track of your materials.
  • Marj dates of tests, due dates of papers, personal obligations, etc, on you calendar at the beginning of the term or semester so you can easily anticipate time crunches.
  • Use a daily organizer to manage your time effectively. List all errands, classes, family obligations work hours, etc. Schedule them according to priority. Block off time for studying each day and try not to let other obligations eat away at that time.
  • Take good notes in class. Use abbreviations to save time. At the end of each day, review and organize your notes. These actions help you understand and remember the information.
  • Keep up with your reading. Buy your textbooks before classes start and begin reading. Rated carefully and take notes on your reading. The table of contents will show you where information is located within the book, and will show you how it is organized.
  • Plan to attend all your classes. If you have to miss a class, it is your responsibility to get notes from classmates or to makeup the tests and work you missed. Inform your teacher ahead of time if you must miss class. Check the syllabus for special instructions regarding makeup work.
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There is no basic way to pass your exam in here. This writing of course can help but you have to find your own strategies. Everyone has different learning styles. So best way is your way. If you don't know your way, you have to try until you find the best for you.

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