THE KING OF GLORY(Psalms 24:1-10)

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How wonderful will it be for everybody to understand that the glory God Gaven to everyone is greater than all the glories of angels in heaven and on earth? GOD MADE MAN TO BE A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS, AND CROWNED HIM WITH GLORY AND HONOUR (Psalm 8:5).

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God passionately gives glory and grace to man because He loves them (Psalm 84:11). This is the reason why the devil Will continually envy and jealous the glory God gives to man.

Do you wonder why man face so much troubles and problems in life? Do you Wonder why the enemy always desire to steal, kill and destroy people? Do you ask questions why you seem to be the only one always in trouble? May be you may wonder why making progress and getting some good things seems extremely difficult for someone like you. The answer is simply because you have a colourful, brilliant and wonderful glory. That is what the devil wants to steal and finally destroy.

In Eden, Adam and Eve lost their glory through the devils deception. Esau lost his glory because of food. Samson lost his glory because of a strange woman called Delilah. Also, Solomon lost his glory because he loved strange woman. Ananias and Sapphira encountered a sudden death because they lied against the Holy Spirit and that shortened their glory. Reuben was the firstborn of Jacob but he went into his father's couch and lost the glory of his father's blessing. His father cursed him" TGOU SHALL NOT EXCEL"(Genesis 49:3,4). The devil will do every thing possible to make sure that man does not get the glory of God through sin and disobedient.

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