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(Thursday), chief of the Buddhist Myanmar Fullmoon of Kason.
Buddhists in important special.

  1. Kason full day ဘုရားအလောင်းတော် hermit ongoing basis in the present world's fat round will name Verily from doing this ပင်္ receive the revelation.

  2. မဟာသက္ကရာဇ် 68- full day Kason ဘုရားအလောင်းတော် vote was the birth of the Buddha.

  3. မဟာသက္ကရာဇ် 1 3 - At dawn Fullmoon of Kason round ဘုရားအလောင်းတော် omniscience, he gained his understanding of God.

  4. မဟာသက္ကရာဇ် 148- day မလ္ Kason Your Garden Inn carp he pass away.

This feature 4 and fulfillment of all Buddhist Fullmoon of Kason considered ဗုဒ္ဓနေ့. So about Fullmoon of Kason Rev. tops, Flowers, Mark standard four tons were called ဗုဒ္ဓနေ့. Buddha Fullmoon of Kason omniscience of his understanding of the occasion, he had to rely on the Bodhi tree was he right. So Buddhist Bodhi tree, pour water meritorious. The goal to pour water in arid and semi-Kason broke image

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